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Can Your Hand Sanitizer Do This?

Stay effective AFTER you wash your hands?
Protect your hands ALL Day?

Stay Effective When You're TOUCHING THINGS ?

Don't just sanitize... Protect All Day...

With Purifi™ - The All Day Hand Sanitizer That Works When Dry

NEXT-GENERATION HAND SANITIZER TECHNOLOGY: Purifi’s patented technology kills germs AND LASTS For HOURS All without drying out your skin & creating cracks that viruses and bacteria can lodge in to harm you later.

Don't Just Sanitize over & Over...

PROTECT For Hours & Hours.

If you’re tired of putting sanitizer on every 5 minutes and the cracked, dry hands that come with it, then you need Purifi™, the breakthrough alcohol-free hand sanitizer technology that’s been used by the military for years and is now available to the public for the first time through this special website.
You know how it goes. You put on your hand sanitizer and go about your business. You touch a bunch of stuff, so you wash, then put your hand sanitizer on again… and again… and again. Well now you can kiss those days goodbye.
Meet Purifi™ the breakthrough hand sanitizing technology that doesn’t just sanitize, but proactively PROTECTS your hands for HOURS.
“As a Seal Team 6 Special Operations Combat Medic, I always went into battle with the best and most advanced equipment. Purifi™ Hand Sanitizer’s patented technology is exactly that.”
Don Mann - Seal Team 6 Special Operations Combat Medic Ret.

A Breakthrough...

That's Hero Approved


Even With Frequent Hand Washing

Purifi™’s fast drying lightweight foam forms a germ fighting breathable microscopic barrier that lasts for hours and persists through hand washing. It continues to kill germs on contact whether your hands are wet or dry.
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The Problem...

With Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers

There are several known problems with alcohol based hand sanitizers. Most of these are of little concern when using over-the-counter sanitizers now and then. But with frequent use, such as the kind we’re experiencing now, there are several concerns to be extremely aware of.
The main 3 to be concerned about with frequent use of hand sanitizer during this crisis are:
  1. Frequent use of alcohol can break down the skin’s natural barriers making the skin more permeable. If your skin is more permeable, then germs, bacteria and other “baddies” have a better chance to enter your system through the skin and get into your bloodstream;
  2. Normal hand sanitizers only last a few minutes. And as soon as you touch something contaminated, you have to re-apply them to stay protected.
  3. Repeated use of alcohol-based sanitizers can contribute to creating resistant bacteria (i.e. “super bugs”) similar to the over-use of antibiotics.
Purifi™’s patented antimicrobial technology does not use poisons or chemicals to kill microbes. Its breathable barrier uses a microscopic mechanical action to penetrate the microbes on contact and destroy them instantly. This complete destruction of the microbe leaves no chance for survival or mutation to begin.

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*These products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, heal, treat or cure any disease or injury. If you have any concerns, please consult your health care provider.
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