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Opening America Back Up

Real Face Protection Gear

1) hand sanitizer bottle 2) paper mask 3) Group Temperature Detection

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Opening America Back Up Total Care Solution

Get the best personal protection available that meets federal and state Coronavirus guidelines

New 90 day group package now available below.


Protect your family, friends with the essential gears to get us back up

Essential Hand Sanitizer

Use & Toss Paper Mask

Washable & Reusable Mask

Infrared Digital Thermometer

Protect Your Hands

Facial virus protection -- Use & Toss

This disposable protective mask is designed for antiviral applications. This mask is soft and is comfortable because of the nature of its 3-layer safety facemask which is breathable. The mask is designed for personal daily health protection. This mask also,filters out dust, pollen, and smoke.

Medical Grade Face Mask - Disposable

Facial virus protection --
Wash & Wear

Group Temperature Detection

Our Infrared digital thermometer is designed for rapid temperature measurement of Adults, kids and babies in order for business and organizations to safely operation the current medical environment. The unit is a non-contact temperature measurement tool for any surface of objects, skin designed to detect fevers.

Get your Total Protection Kit Now – While Supplies Last

In order to ensure everyone can benefit from Total Protection Kit, this offer is limited to 5 offers per household.

Solo Basic

Protection Package
$ 17
  • One bottle 30 day supply
  • Two Wash & Wear masks
  • Full 24 Hours Protection

Solo Full

Protection Package
$ 39
  • One bottle 30 day supply
  • Twenty use & toss masks
  • Two Wash & wear masks


Protection Package
$ 69
  • Two bottle 30 day supply
  • Forty use & toss masks
  • Two Wash & wear masks

Small Business

Basic Protection
$ 199
  • Ten bottle 30 day supply
  • One hundred use & toss masks
  • Ten Wash & wear masks

Small Business

Max Protection
$ 599
  • Twenty bottle 30 day supply
  • Two hundred and Fifty use & toss masks
  • Twenty Wash & wear masks
  • Infrared digital thermometer

Safe Hands

Solo Offer
$ 23
  • Two bottle 60 day supply

Face Guard

Solo Offer
$ 49
  • 40 mask 60 day supply

Safe Hands

Small Business & Family Offer
$ 129
  • 10 bottle 60 day supply

Face Guard

Small Business & Family Offer
$ 159
  • 100 Mask 60 day supply
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